What Our Clients Say

"Many thanks for you brilliant guidance and knowledge again.”

Cosima Pole, Creative Director

"Gareth is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and pays attention to detail but makes the process simple and easy to understand. He is the ultimate professional and ensured that I received my rebate from HMRC promptly, keeping me informed at all times. With his warm and polite personality I would have no hesitation in recommending Gareth to all my friends, family and acquaintances and have started doing so already.”

Rob Evans, Utilities Distributor

"Glen is a highly competent tax adviser who is honest and hard working. His attention to detail is exceptional and his knowledge of tax laws and all the new legislation is phenomenal. I always ask his advice when faced with complex tax problems. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any practising accountant that wants to have a competitive edge.”

Paul Castle, Practising Accountant

"Understanding a complex business plan in a new business model within a limited time. Glen grasped quickly all the key concepts of the business and was able to identify and advise on the critical tax issues. Consequently, the quality and robustness of the business plan was much improved and some potentially disastrous surprises were avoided.

I highly recommend Glen for his deep knowledge and understanding of tax, for his thoroughness in research and for the clarity and intelligibility of his explanations.”

People Systems Thinking Ltd

"Thank you again for your excellent service”

Tony Wood, Personal Client

"Many thanks again Glen for providing excellent service”

Colin Allies, self-employed consultant

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my tax return and accounts. I am so grateful to you for all your wise counsel and accountancy advice over the years and I am thankful that I attended that one Breakfast seminar meeting in Bromley and was able to ‘sign’ you up.”

Chris Bishop, Personal tax client

"Further to your letter regarding my tax repayment – well done and thank you. I will pay your invoice by Internet today"

Andrew Baars, director of Market Advance

"After a very useful chat, Glen helped me sort out the PAYE for one of my employees and then gave me further advice on the ‘phone very early in the morning about the same matter.  I had assumed he would get back to me later but he gave the information I needed straight away.  I have now given him my books to look at and I am confident he will attend to that in the same professional manner."

Peter Farnley, Gardening and Landscaper

"May I say my wife and I found your consultancy advice and readiness to enlighten us on some of the complexities of Inheritance Tax to be invaluable, as we have also found to be the case in the discussion we had with one of your associates in connection with our wills. I enclose my cheque for your fees."

Ron Howell, Personal tax client

“Many thanks for your skilled and helpful advice in connection with the intricacies of capital gains tax on the sale of our investment property.”

Raymond Puffitt, Personal tax client

“I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Glen Vaughan & Associates. They provided me with a thoroughly professional and efficient service since I first used them in December 2006.  Glen was very helpful in giving me support and practical advice with the setting up of my business and gave me very useful guidance regarding reducing my tax liability”.

Chris Maloney, Director, HR Department

"I would like to say a big thank you to Glen of Glen Vaughan & Associates for all he has done for me. Glen has been advising me on my accounts now for the past two years and I know I always get the best advice from him.  I have saved so much money on my tax and without Glen I would have never known how to. He is now advising me on the best time to move from a sole trader to a limited company and also when is the best time to become VAT registered.  Thank you Glen for all your knowledge you have and I look forward to working with you for many more years.  I would not hesitate to recommend Glen to anyone.”

Darren Taylor, Director

"Thank you for your letter and draft capital gains tax computation on the sale of our investment property. I am very glad we followed our solicitors’ advice and contacted you"

Vernon Tyley, Personal tax client

"I am writing to thank you for doing my self-employed accounts.  You also spent time explaining to me very clearly, matters that affect my taxes.  I found this information extremely useful as I intend to expand my private tuition business.  Once again thank you for your patience, time and energy.”

Izabela Aldea, Self-employed private tutor

"Thank you for sorting out my partner’s tax return and accounts.  That’s brilliant and I am so pleased it is nearly sorted.  Thanks so much for completing it so quickly, we really appreciate it. It is a big weight off our shoulders I can tell you.”

Heidi Gibbons, Personal tax client

“My sincere thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf and very kind regards.”

Mike and Sheila Millo, Personal tax clients

"Many thanks for your excellent work and advice.  I have set up the payment for your services today and the money should be in your account very soon.”

Ian Watkins, IT Project Manager